Tucson Restaurant Closes After Far Left Thugs Threaten to Torch It and Kill Owners After Patriotic Facebook Post (Video)

The Cup It Up American Grill in Tucson was shut down indefinitely after far left thugs threatened to burn it down and kill the owners.

This came after the restaurant published a patriotic post on Facebook that defended President Trump and attacking the NFL anti-cop kneelers.

The owners received numerous threats to the establishment and staff.
This is how the far left operates today in America.

Tucson.com reported:


Cup It Up American Grill closed for good on Monday, three days after two of its owners posted a politically charged statement on Facebook that prompted angry social media backlash and calls to boycott the University of Arizona-area restaurant.

Julian Alarcon, a former partner who was not involved in Friday’s Facebook post, said the restaurant at 760 N. Tyndall Ave. was the target of harassing and threatening phone calls throughout the weekend. Two employees quit Saturday because of the calls and several more quit throughout the weekend, he said.

“It’s not worth it,” said Alarcon, the operating partner and chef who resigned Saturday morning in response to the Facebook post from partners Christopher Smith and Jay Warren.

The pair’s post laid out their political beliefs that included support for President Trump, standing for the national anthem and repealing Obamacare, and opposition to fake news and the concept of global warming.

That post, which went up at noon Friday, also announced that they would not broadcast NFL games at the restaurant in light of players’ kneeling during the anthem.

Within minutes, the post was met with a barrage of comments, most of them negative and including calls to boycott the restaurant.

The post was taken down three hours later and by Saturday the restaurant had removed itself from social media.

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