Top Democrat Calls Mike Pence Leaving Colts Game a Political Stunt – Kellyanne Conway Unloads (Video)

On Sunday Vice President Mike Pence walked out on the Indianapolis Colts-San Francisco 49ers NFL game Sunday afternoon after nearly two dozen visiting 49ers took a knee in protest during the playing of the National Anthem.

In response to the vice president’s defense of the US flag and US military Democrat Adam Schiff called the walk out a political stunt that only wasted gas money.

Democrats believe it is appropriate to disrespect America and military personnel.

On Monday Kellyanne Conway UNLOADED on Schiff.


Kellyanne Conway: To refer to somebody who is standing up for the flag and all it represents to hundreds and millions of Americans and all it signals to the world, our veterans, our unity, the founding of our nation. To call that a political stunt is truly outrageous and offensive. When Mike Pence was the governor of Indiana there were many times that he had to receive and go and comfort the family of a fallen soldier. He was helping to receive the remains of our brave men and women. And those coffins are always draped in a flag. This is a man who says he doesn’t think it’s too hard to stand.

Via FOX and Friends:

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