Today’s #FakeNews: Liberal Media Claims YouTube Account with 272 Followers Pushed Russian Agenda – Flipped Election

You just can’t make this stuff up!
You Can NEVER TRUST The Liberal Mainstream Media.
They Will Always LIE-LIE-LIE!

The liberal media ran their usual screaming headlines today about on the dreaded Russian conspiracy!
Today’s conspiracy involved the shocking news that Russia was pushing their agenda on YouTube during the election.

And you know the rest… These videos swayed all of the former Obama voters in the Midwest and Rust Belt to vote for Donald Trump.
Several liberal outlets ran with this conspiracy.

Now this…
The YouTube account they are screaming about has 272 subscribers.

And the account had a whopping 30 views per video.


This is the total crap the liberal mainstream media is pumping out on a daily basis!
Via investigative journalist Tim Pool.

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