TGP Exclusive: Roger Stone Takes Victory Lap After Revealing Conservative Behind Fusion GPS Trump Oppo Research

The Gateway Pundit’s Lucian Wintrich spoke with famed conservative political operative and President Trump ally Roger Stone to go over the now infamous Trump dossier.

The dossier is a topic that Stone is extremely familiar with, as he broke the story about the financier of the document and has been steadfast, and accurate, in his analysis surrounding the dossier and those associated with it.

The following was taken from Wintrich’s Friday evening conversation with Stone:

You predicted some of this before anybody else.


Well, I have impeccable sources. In fact, I have a rock solid force who told me the original financier of the dirty dossier was Paul Singer, and it was facilitated by his greasy, neocon henchman, Dan Senor, and I reported that for InfoWars. Singer, as you know, is a major funder of New Beacon, just a different pocket – look, I like the Free Beacon, folks, they’re just hardliners. They’re more in the neocon camp, and where we part company is, you know, on the foreign adventurism. I knew that the financier was Singer, a man who had one foot in the Bush camp and one foot in the Rubio camp, and I reported it. When it failed to get traction during the Republican primaries, and they did try to peddle it many places, they were scared of its validity and the sources. They didn’t want to get burned.

Since I’ve been in politics, I’ve never known your sources to be wrong. In fact, they haven’t been.

Singer, sue me if I’m wrong, bring a lawsuit, go ahead, bring one. My lawyers can’t wait to depose you. I am absolutely positive that he is the financier of this piece of dirty work, and as you know, when it didn’t get any traction with the Republicans, Hillary Clinton picked up the ball.

I think that this piece of dirt was double-marketed. I think the guys at GPS Fusion were selling the same information, in essence, to different people. Then they got the biggest client of them all, the FBI, because they paid for the continuation of the examination of Trump.

Ben Shapiro says that just because some of that information in the dossier was so ludicrous that still doesn’t mean that we can’t discount the dossier itself.

I’m calling Ben out, Ben: Name one thing you can prove in there that’s true. Ben Shapiro’s hands are drenched in the neocon blood of the Iraq War. He’s a cheerleader for the Deep State.

He was being paid by the Cruz campaign.

Exactly. So, give me a break.

You do think it’s safe to say that we know the special interests who are behind this dossier, we know that everything that could’ve been proven false has been proven false . . .

And nothing’s been proven true, I mean, yes, it’s true that Trump was in Moscow on the dates delineated, so? That proves what? Prostitutes? Give us their names. Where are there photos? Witness? You’ve got nothing, cause it didn’t happen. Keith Schiller, director of security for Donald Trump, had a man at both the entrances and the exits of the hotel, front and back, and Trump’s door was guarded twenty-four hours. It didn’t happen. It never happened.

President Trump, and a few members of his administration, said that the biggest things that these revelations prove is that if anybody was colluding with the Russians, it was the DNC.

Exactly. That’s the ruse of Podesta. He and his brother getting rich on the gas deal, the banking deal, the uranium deal; the Clintons, taking $145 million from board members at the Russian uranium company; Bill getting a half-million . . . So, there was a major party candidate, nominated by one of the two major parties, who was in bed with the Kremlin. Unfortunately, it was Hillary Clinton. What better way to distract from their own crimes than to point at Donald Trump and say, ‘Oh, look, he’s in bed with the Russians,’ because he once took a beauty pageant to Moscow. It’s ludicrous.

Was this a smoke screen? Do you think the left thought this would be eventually exposed and so, in a premeditated fashion, try and pawn their crimes off on the right?

No. What I think they actually did was create a false narrative that allowed them to access . . . government surveillance ability, that’s exactly what they did. They created a fake case that the government then decided, not only to spend money exploring, but then unmasking. So, it was an excuse for the political espionage waged against Trump. ‘Oh, we have to do it because Trump is in bed with the Russians,’ while they themselves were in bed with the Russians.

So, Eric Holder is the attorney general of the United States, he’s on the board that has to vote to approve the uranium company transfer. There’s no way he didn’t know about the investigation of his own department. He must be arrested and jailed. He was involved in a coverup. He covered up a crime.

Now that Hillary has been exposed as having direct involvement, can we now lock her up? Why are we stagnate there?

The answer to your question is because Rod Rosenstein is the de facto attorney general of the United States. Sessions is a captive. He’s a doddering old fool and the assistant attorney general’s assignments are: Don’t let him do anything. Period. He’s completely surrounded. He didn’t pick a single assistant attorney general. They were imposed upon him. Rosenstein is a criminal. Rosenstein ran the coverup of uranium. Rosenstein must be indicted and sent to prison.

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