Terror Tracking Website: ISIS Supporter Claims Las Vegas Was Successful ISIS Operation in US


The Islamic State has repeatedly claimed responsibility for the Mandalay Bay Las Vegas attack that left 58 Americans dead and over 500 more injured.

ISIS tripled down on the claim they were behind the attack in their al-Nabu weekly newsletter.

A week ago the SITE Institute blog posted more on these ISIS claims.

SITE Institute founder Rita Katz believes ISIS has much to lose if they are lying about the Las Vegas attacks.

Investigators have as of yet found no link between Paddock and ISIS, but just as notably, they have also not found any motive at all. As Clark County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo said (albeit vaguely): “[Paddock] may may have been radicalised, unbeknownst to us, and we want to identify that source.”

However, it must likewise be noted that ISIS is facing significant losses in Iraq and Syria, and may have seen value in capitalizing on an attack it didn’t commit to salvage morale amongst members and supporters.

Thus, as more and more questions arise about Paddock, we must carefully and skeptically consider all possible scenarios.

Monday morning, ISIS’ ‘Amaq News Agency reported on one of its accounts that that Paddock was a “soldier” with the group. When my staff and I first saw the post, we hesitated, asking each other if ISIS’ account had been hacked. But as other ISIS channels, began posting the message, it was clear that this claim was coming from the group, so we reported on it.

Less than 10 minutes later, ‘Amaq issued a follow-up message—a rarity for the media agency—appearing to address the widespread skepticism of its claim by stating that the attacker “had converted to Islam several months ago.”

This weekend SITE Institute posted a new report by an Islamic State supporter who observes that the Las Vegas massacre was “cultural penetration” by ISIS. The jihadist gave a short story “inspired” by media accounts of the shooting.

An Islamic State (IS) supporter gave his analysis of the Las Vegas attack, observing that it demonstrates a “cultural penetration” by the group through its indoctrinating an unlikely individual, and gave a short story “inspired” by media accounts of the shooting.

There is still no known motive for Stephen Paddock’s deadly massacre in Las Vegas.

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