STUNNING! Virginia Democrat Northam Says Washington, Lee & Jackson Markers Make White Racists Become Violent (VIDEO)

Trump was right.

President Trump predicted in August that Democrats would soon be removing monuments to George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.

Trump was right!

The historic Christ Church in Alexandria, Virginia removed plaques honoring George Washington and Robert E. Lee this week.
Washington, the nation’s first president, was too racist for church elites because he owned slaves.

This is the insanity of the Democrat Party in America today in full display.


In a recent gubernatorial debate Virginia Democrat Ralph Northam defended this monument jihad in America.

Northam said,

“If these statues give individuals, white supremacists, like that, an excuse to do what they did then we need to have a discussion about the statues.”

Got that?
Washington and Robert E. Lee and Andrew Jackson and Thomas Jefferson statues are pushing white supremacists to become violent!
And Northam wants them all taken down!

Will he push for the removal of the Washington Monument, too?

Via FOX [email protected] NIGHT with Shannon Bream:

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