Steve Bannon: Corker Is ‘Absolute Disgrace’ – If He Had any Honor He Should Resign Immediately (VIDEO)

Former Trump Chief Strategist Steve Bannon went on with Sean Hannity on Monday to discuss his plans for the next year. The Washington elites better take notice.

Steve Bannon told Sean, “We are going to cut off the oxygen to Mitch McConnell.”

Bannon and Hannity also went after RINO senator Bob Corker.


Bannon says Corker is an “absolute disgrace” and “should resign immediately.”
Partial transcript as follows, via Breitbart:

HANNITY: He’s so arrogant. He’s such an elitist snob. He’s the swamp. The senate hasn’t done a thing, Steve. Nothing.

BANNON: The American people see right here. This is the way – this is what they think about President Trump behind closed doors. He happened to tell The New York Times exactly what he thought. It is totally unacceptable. In a time of war, we have troops in Afghanistan, in the Northwest Pacific in Korea. We have a major problem. It could be like World War I. In the South China Sea, in the Persian Gulf – we have American lives at risk every day. He tweets on Sunday that it’s like the adult center and somebody didn’t have the morning shift. Then he has the audacity to go to The New York Times?

HANNITY: He did not know it was going to air. He didn’t know they were going to release that.

BANNON:  think – by the way. I’m not sure he knew it was going to be a tape, but he gave those guys and on-the-record interview. You saw that in The New York Times.

And by the way, Phil Rucker yesterday in The Washington Post, the buried lede was he said there’s only two or three senators on Capitol Hill that have President Trump’s back. When you want to talk about why there’s no repeal and replace, why there’s no tax cut, why there’s no tax reform, why there’s no infrastructure bill — you saw it right there. Corker, McConnell, the entire clique – establishment globalist clique on Capitol Hill have to go. If we need any more proof about what they think, you heard it tonight. It’s an absolute disgrace.

HANNITY: I’ve been told by people in the room – Ben Sasse, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Corker and even McConnell. They trashed the president. But yet, they can’t get any of their promises completed.

They are the swamp. Republicans are weak and pathetic, and they are lacking in identity. And the forgotten men and women, the voter in this election are being let down.

BANNON: Look, they have total contempt for the forgotten man. They have total contempt for the base. That’s what you saw in Alabama. In Alabama, when they came in with Luther Strange, with $32 million and destroyed Judge Moore, you saw what the base thought of them, right?

HANNITY: Crushed the.

BANNON: The base totally rejected them. These people have no respect for the working men and women in the United States. I tell you what – Senator Corker is an absolute disgrace. And I agree with Jason Miller. He was the comms director on our campaign – I think one of the best comms people around. Jason was on CNN.

HANNITY: I’m sorry to hear that.

BANNON: Well, he called for Senator Corker to resign —

HANNITY: I agree with him.

BANNON: — for the governor of Tennessee to replace him with Marsha Blackburn, a real conservative. If Bob Corker had any honor, any decency — he should resign immediately. He should not let those words stand on what he said about the president of the United States.

Here’s the video from FOX News:

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