Something We Can All Agree On=> San Juan Mayor Self-Identifies as “Nasty” in Latest T-Shirt Creation (VIDEO)

Puerto Rico is suffering from the aftermath of two massive hurricanes in the span of two weeks.

The second hurricane to hit the island, Hurricane Maria, was a level 5 monster.

The people of Puerto Rico are suffering but instead of helping her community Democratic San Juan Mayor Carmen Yutin Cruz is out trashing President Trump and FEMA and spreading lies about the hurricane relief.

Last week Mayor Cruz wore a “we are dying” T-shirt for her mainstream media interviews.

Yesterday we found out the grand total of deaths on the island of 3.5 million was 16.

Last night she wore a new T-shirt where she self-identifies as a “nasty” woman.

Has there ever been a more perfect motto for a group of political hacks?

This is a perfect motto for Mayor Cruz.

Where she finds the time to print up political T-shirts is anyone’s guess.
Via Free Beacon:

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