Since Inauguration, CNN Mentioned ‘Russia’ Over 16,000 Times – Only Spent 4 Minutes on Clinton-Uranium One Scandal

Very fake news CNN is obsessed with Russia. According to Project Veritas, CNN mentioned ‘Russia’ nearly 16,000 times from the inauguration through their last count in late June.

For a network full of sycophants obsessed with Russia, one would think they would be excited to report on the Clinton-Uranium One scandal involving the sale of 20% of America’s Uranium to Russia.

It turns out that in a 7 day period, CNN spent only 3 minutes and 54 seconds reporting on what is arguably the biggest scandal in U.S. history.

According to a study conducted by Newsbusters‘ Media Research Center CNN had produced less than five minutes (3 minutes, 54 seconds) of actual news coverage about the case (Uranium One scandal).

From 7am ET October 17 through 7am ET October 24, CNN’s reporters and anchors only mentioned the scandal twice: first, on October 19, after President Trump scolded reporters for failing to cover the story, anchor Wolf Blitzer offered a 19-second explanation of what Trump was talking about.

Wolf Blitzer also interviewed Obama hack Jake Sullivan (for a little over 3 minutes) who claimed Trump’s charge of corruption against the Clintons “had no basis in fact”. Surprisingly, Blitzer pushed back a litte bit and brought up the Clinton Foundation receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars while Bill Clinton was traveling to Russia to give speeches, collecting enormous fees.

CNN hack Dana Bash brushed it off as merely a conservative conspiracy theory:

“What we do know is that the President tweeted about it a couple of days ago, on the 19th of October. Sean Hannity, Fox News, the conservative media, from Breitbart to talk radio, they have been aggressively pushing this story, saying that the mainstream media is ignoring it.”

CNN would rather report on anything other than their Queen Hillary’s corruption.

Just 24 hours after John Solomon dropped the bombshell story about the Deep State FBI’s knowledge and involvement of the Obama-Clinton Uranium One scandal, they actually did a report on the way Mike Pence ‘gazes’ at Trump.

What a joke!

No wonder why re-runs of Yogi Bear get more viewers than very fake news CNN.

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