Sebastian Gorka Warns of Shake-Up to Senior White House Staff BEFORE CHRISTMAS (VIDEO)

As previously reported, former White House aide Dr. Sebastian Gorka warned of an imminent shake-up of senior White House staffers. He said positions will be replaced with people who are committed to Trump’s ‘MAGA’ agenda.

Dr. Gorka told Sara Carter of Circa News to expect a shake-up of senior White House staffers before Christmas.

Sara Carter asked Dr. Gorka, “In your resignation letter you state that there are people ascendant within the White House that do not support the President’s MAGA agenda? Explain that, and who are these people?”

Dr. Gorka’s partial response to Carter’s question:

“We have to think about the long game. And if right now we’re being undermined internally, what we do is we go on the outside and we support the agenda from the outside. That’s why I became the chief strategist for the Make America Great Again Coalition. That’s why Steve is doing all kinds of things right now.”

“That’s why I predict that in the near future, before Christmas probably, there will be some very high-level personnel changes in the White House that are driven by the President.”

Read the full Q&A between Sara Carter and Dr. Gorka here.

Sebastian Gorka resigned as Deputy Assistant to President Trump in late August.

Dr. Gorka told radio host Steve Malzberg shortly after he resigned that Trump’s MAGA agenda was being undermined from within the White House.

“We came in on a message that was encapsulated in ‘making American great again’. I supported the President from July of 2015 and the people that made that victory possible around the President have been systematically undermined, many of them on the National Security Council have been fired or shut out and the agenda is losing steam within the building,” Dr. Gorka said.

Dr. Gorka said that President Trump is still committed to the MAGA agenda, but for people like him and Steve Bannon, they can be more effective on the outside.

The Gateway Pundit’s White House Correspondent Lucian Wintrich also interviewed Dr. Gorka post White House. Listen to the full interview here.

President Trump must purge the White House of globalists who are fighting him at every turn. Trump won the White House on his populist agenda and he must come through with most of his major campaign promises or risk fracturing his base.

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