Scandal-Plagued Obama Appointed Attorney Now Faces State Ethics Charges

Amanda Marshall was Oregon’s federal district attorney. Then the scandals started catching up to her. Let’s recap her sordid history.

Appointed by Obama in 2011, Marshall resigned in 2015 after allegedly stalking a subordinate and having an affair, and later faced internal probes (no pun intended).

Marshall is the DA who pursued charges, even to the point of double jeopardy, against Dwight and Steven Hammond, the eastern Oregon ranchers who preemptively set controlled burns to stop wildfires from encroaching on their property. After already serving time in federal prison, Marshall encouraged the judge to re-imprison them for a harsher sentence. Those actions are what prompted the Malheur Wildlife Refuge protests in early 2016.


In 2014, Marshall was caught on camera conspiring with Gabby Gifford’s gun control group, Americans For Responsible Solutions, to scheme up new gun control laws and propaganda. She spoke of wanting to force county Sheriffs to enforce federal gun laws, while also being one of the voices saying that local law enforcement shouldn’t enforce federal immigration laws.

Of course the anti gun folks were more than happy to feature Amanda Marshall as a guest speaker at a summit presented by Ceasefire Oregon and “Oregon Alliance To Prevent Gun Violence”.

Now she faces ethics complaints with the Oregon State Bar. The Oregonian reports:

The panel determined there was probable cause to bring ethics charges against Marshall for violating rules dealing with honesty and trustworthiness.

The case now advances to the trial phase. A panel will convene, likely sometime in the spring, to determine if Marshall has engaged in misconduct. Punishment for ethics violations range from a public reprimand to a suspension or disbarment.

The disciplinary board identified two rules Marshall may have violated, one involving criminal conduct that reflects poorly on a lawyer’s honesty and trustworthiness or fitness and the other dealing with conduct involving fraud and dishonesty.

Marshall’s lawyer, Allison Martin Rhodes, said Monday that Marshall “has always acknowledged” that she “was not completely truthful” when asked by a superior about the relationship.

Martin Rhodes has said Marshall lied when asked if she had sex with her subordinate but was subsequently forthcoming in a four-hour interview with authorities.

The professional standards agency opened an investigation last year after the U.S. Department of Justice’s inspector general found Marshall had engaged in a yearlong “intimate and personal” relationship with a subordinate.

The inspector general said Marshall, who now practices law in McMinnville, violated sexual harassment laws, lied to investigators and tried to block the investigation.

The Inspector General’s Office in March 2015 opened an investigation of Marshall. She took a leave of absence that month, citing health reasons that included post-traumatic stress disorder. She officially resigned on May 15, 2015, amid the internal review.

It’s just fitting that someone with ties to the Obama administration and anti-gun organizations is caught up in a series of scandals and lies.

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