SARAH SANDERS: Trump Will Be Remembered For Defeating ISIS, One Of The Strongest Economies, & Millions Of American Jobs

Press Secretary Sarah Sanders laid into a liberal shill Stephen Portnoy, of CBS Radio, who attempted to push the notion that Trump will be remembered in history as having “debased” the country. This notion and quote was pulled from a moody speech given by Trump hater and RINO Jeff Flake earlier this morning, where Flake announced that he would not seek re-election (good riddance).

Stephen Portnoy began his “question”, “If I could just pick up on what Jon was talking about. One of the criticisms from Senator Corker today was the idea that history will most remember President Trump for “debasing” the country.

Portnoy proclaimed, “You hear, in Senator Flake’s remarks, the idea that he seemed to be writing it for history.” Continuing, he presented a misreading of former President Bush’s remarks, in which he spoke in broad terms of both the left and right, earlier this week, “How do you think history will view not only the remarks of the two senators today, but also former President Bush last week?”


Sarah Sanders, never one to take the bait, went through President Trump’s historic accomplishments in the short nine months since he has taken office:

I certainly think history is going to look at this President as somebody who helped defeat ISIS, who built an economy that was stronger than it’s been in several decades, who brought unemployment to a 16-year low, who’s created over 1.7 million jobs since being elected.

I think those are the things that people actually care about, not some petty comments from Senator Corker and Senator Flake.  And I think they’re a lot more concerned about the big policy initiatives that this President is driving, including historic tax cuts, which we’re going to get done by the end of this year, and then start focusing on some other things.

Those are the things this President will be remembered by, and I think those are pretty good — certainly good facts, and ones that we’re happy to standby.

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