ROGER STONE EXCLUSIVE: Donald Trump, the Deep State and the JFK Assassination Documents

By Roger Stone


Following President Trump’s decision to release JFK assassination documents still held in secret at the National Archives I warned that elements of the U.S. “intelligence community” opposed to this statutorily-mandated disclosure would attempt to nullify the president’s order by redacting, censoring or otherwise withholding much of the material, or at least any material that would actually shed light on this crime.

In July it became clear that this would be the tactic used by the intelligence minders and purveyors of excessive secrecy when the Archives released a small dump of assassination materials which were so redacted and censored as to be useless to researchers and journalists, and certainly to anyone seeking the truth about this matter.


Rather than justify themselves openly, or comply with federal law, the intelligence agencies have now chosen to play bureaucratic games to effectively countermand the president’s order.

I urge President Trump to order the withheld materials brought to him for his personal review and, in the event any of these agencies would think to disregard the authority of our country’s commander-in-chief, to take whatever steps are necessary for him to spot check the extensive redactions to determine whether, and in what ways, our intelligence agencies are willfully subverting the intention of both the Congress and the president, as set forth in United Stated federal law.

The President of the United States is the ultimate party responsible for classifying AND declassifying any information held by the United States Government. His legal authority in this regard is absolute. Those who would seek to thwart such authority are dabbling in acts of criminal insubordination.

If, after careful review of what is actually released, we determine that this is just a continuation of the ongoing, long-term campaign by intelligence agencies to deny to the American people the full truth regarding the events of November 22, 1963, we will vigorously appeal to the president to release all of the files, regardless of the intelligence community’s intent otherwise.

These intelligence agencies have long asserted that full disclosure could reveal sources and methods, if not sensitive personal information about assets or targets, even though nearly every person involved in the events of 1963, either directly or marginally, is now dead.

Full disclosure is especially warranted in view of how some of these intelligence agencies have dissembled about their ties to accused assassin Lee Oswald, who appears to have been 1) recruited by the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI), 2) taught to speak Russian at the military language school in Monterey, 3) set up as a false “defector” to the Soviet Union (never having his U.S. citizenship revoked, despite having renounced it), and 4) welcomed back to the United States with a new Russian wife, without facing so much as a single legal consequence upon his return, and with all of his travel inexplicably paid for by the United States government.

At the time of his death Oswald was also an informant for the FBI, designated as informant #179 and paid $200 per month right up to the time of the assassination.

The deep state’s cynical tactics of bureaucratic censorship and redactive game-playing clearly come out of their justifiable fear that the American people will recognize that they are still engaged in the same nefarious machinations today as they were 50 years ago: lying, covering up, leaking and otherwise undermining any control or oversight of their activities by our elected representatives, who are supposed to have ultimate authority in a constitutional republic…if, indeed, that is what we are actually living under.

The same government entities involved in the coup that liquidated President John F. Kennedy are at it again, seeking to undermine the presidency of Donald J. Trump.

Donald Trump is a very smart executive and will quickly and easily be able to discern whether or not the intelligence agencies have been faithful to the mandate of Congress and the law of the land.

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