REPORT: Room Service Receipts Show Hotel Delivered Food to Stephen Paddock’s Suite for 2 People

Investigative reporter Laura Loomer posted room service receipts from the Mandalay Bay for room service to killer Stephen Paddock’s room.

The Mandalay Bay server Tony Hernandez Armenta posted the receipts on Facebook.

An employee of the Mandalay Bay told Loomer that Paddock had the room since September 25th not the 28th as was previously reported.

The Mandalay Bay employee says Paddock had the vista suite since last Monday the 25th and the connector room since Thursday the 28th.

The room service receipt says two people were ordering.

Paddock checked in earlier than the 28th.


Editor’s note: An earlier version of this article stated that Tony Hernandez Armenta said Paddock had the room since September 25th. While Armenta is still the person who posted the receipts for room service, it was another Mandalay Bay employee who told Loomer that Paddock checked into the hotel on the 25th.

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