Report: DC Elites Stunned Sessions Quickly Lifted Gag Order on FBI Informant

The Department of Justice authorized the gag order on the FBI informant to be lifted Wednesday evening.

The secret informant can now speak to Congress!

As previously reported, Fox News White House correspondent John Roberts said sources told Fox News that President Trump personally instructed the Justice Department to lift the gag order on the Clinton-Uranium One informant.


As previously reported, not only was the FBI informant working on the Russian bribery case threatened by the Obama administration, he was blocked by the DOJ under then-AG Loretta Lynch from testifying to Congress.

The FBI informant’s lawyer, Victoria Toensing told the Daily Caller that her client was told his reputation and career would be ruined if he didn’t drop a lawsuit against the government. He was also told his liberty was in jeopardy.

The intimidation and threats to the FBI informant by Loretta Lynch’s goons happened DURING the 2016 presidential election.

The word is everybody on Capitol Hill was surprised how quickly Sessions lifted the gag order. Everyone thought this would get dragged out like everything else does in D.C.

An attorney for Trump Jay Sekulow of the ACLJ asked his Director of Government Affairs, Nathanael Bennett what the reaction was on Capitol Hill when Sessions lifted the FBI informant’s gag order.

Bennett said the D.C. elites were surprised at how quickly the NDA was lifted.

Why did things move so quickly?

According to OAN’s White House correspondent Trey Yingst Senate Judiciary Chairman, Senator Grassley (R-IA) called White House counsel Don Mcgahn before POTUS Trump publicly supported lifting FBI informant gag order to expedite the process.

Yingst reported that President Trump decided to lift the gag order quickly “based on an issue of transparency”.

This should be a message to the swamp. Trump wants the truth about the REAL Russian collusion out in the open.


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