Press Sec Sanders SHUTS DOWN REPORTER: Explains Difference Between Meeting & Millions Clinton Spent On FAKE NEWS [VIDEO]

CBS’ White House Correspondent Major Garrett attempted to gaslight the American people posing a question that ignored the millions of dollars and *actual collusion* that the Clinton campaign attempted to embark on to include the election to, instead, ask about a meeting that never took place.

Garrett began, “What explains the campaign’s later involvement with those associated with the Russian government — or said they were — to get dirt on Hillary Clinton later in the campaign? Are these things — are they coincidental? Does that indicate a pattern of trying to obtain that information from that government?”

Sanders, initially confused by the #FakeNews question, answered earnestly “A pattern of getting information about your opponent? No.”

CBS’ Garrett attempted to reaffirm the narrative he was attempting to push, remarking on Russias diplomatic positioning to the United States while still ignoring the actual crimes committed by the Clinton campaign.

Sanders was quick to correct the record:

The big difference here is you have a meeting that took place versus millions of dollars being sent to create fake information to actually influence the election. You compare those two, those are apples and oranges.

What the Clinton campaign did, what the DNC did, was actually exchange money. They took a meeting. Those are far different. And one is pretty common practice in any campaign — to take a meeting. The other one is actually paying money for false information. That’s a big deal and a big difference.

Twitter took immediate notice and applauded Sanders on calling Garrett out:



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