Pakistani Local Government Advertises for Garbage Collectors – Only “Non-Muslims” Need Apply

A recent job advertisement for sanitation workers by the Sindh Police in Pakistan seeks non-Muslim candidates only.

KARACHI, PAKISTAN, FEB 11: Children who collect garbage to earn their livelihood for support their families empty their donkey-cart at garbage dump in Karachi on Saturday, February 11, 2012. (Rizwan Ali/PPI Images).

Christians in Pakistan reported:

A recent advertisement publicized has once again fanned anger among the religious minorities in Pakistan as the advertisement for the posts of sanitary workers calls for non-Muslim candidates only. This discriminatory ad was publicized by the Sindh government.

Expressing anger over the discriminatory ad, a prominent Pakistani Christian educationist Professor Anjum James Paul said that such advertisements were institutionalized religious discrimination. The recent advertisement puts forth job opportunities for car mechanic, laborer, in charge of maintenance and cleaners. However the advertisement also goes on to call only non-Muslim candidates for the position of cleaners.

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