Ouch! Bernie Sanders Progressive Group Refuses to Endorse Virginia Dem Gubernatorial Candidate

Hillary Clinton won Virginia by more than 5 points.
A Republican has not won a statewide race in Virginia in 8 years.

But Democrats are panicking about their milquetoast gubernatorial candidate Ralph Northam in Virginia.

The Bernie Sanders progressive group Our Revolution refused to endorse him.

Daily Beast
editor Sam Stein tweeted:


Selena Zito at The New York Post reported:
Northam should have a comfortable lead right now. Terry McAuliffe, the outgoing governor he currently serves under, is popular and generally seen as successful. Plus, Virginians have historically elected governors from the party opposite to a president whose won the year before. In 2001, Democrat Mark Warner won one year after George W. Bush was elected; in 2009, Republican Bob McDonnell won one year after Barack Obama took the state.

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