One Year Ago Today: Trump Tells Hillary “You’d Be in Jail!”… It’s Time to Fulfill That Promise, Mr. President

It was one year ago today.
During the second presidential debate in St. Louis, Missouri, candidate Trump told Hillary Clinton, “You’d be in jail!” when he enters the White House.


TRUMP to Hillary:

“You’d Be in Jail!”



It’s now been one year and Trump supporters are still waiting to see Crooked Hillary behind bars.
Trump supporters weren’t kidding when they chanted, “Lock her up!” at Trump rally after Trump rally.

In 2015 former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani famously said Hillary Clinton should be investigated for breaking 15 federal laws.

Rudy Giuliani: General Petraeus was got prosecuted for doing approximately one-tenth of what she’s alleged to have done… There are specific federal crimes, I could give you a list of fifteen of them if you’d like, that she should be investigated for, for which there needs to be an answer. According to the public record, the answer to many of those is there is probable cause to believe she committed a crime. I qualify that by saying the public record.

It’s been a year since President Trump told Hillary Clinton to her face that he would lock her up.
Americans are tired of a two-tiered judicial system — one for the elites and one for the common man.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions needs to get on it.

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