NY Times Reporter to Ivanka Trump and Her Children: “F**k You!” and “You’re a Bucket of T*rds”

It’s common knowledge that the liberal mainstream media is in bed with the Democrats.

Rush Limbaugh even suggested that the liberal media is directing the Democrat Party on policy and issues.

Thanks to Wikileaks we know that at least 65 top mainstream media “reporters” met with the Clinton campaign privately during the 2016 election.

But now we are seeing just how much the far left media is full of hatred for the Trump family and normal working class Americans.

New York Times contributor Ben Berkon lashed out at White House adviser and Trump daughter Ivanka Trump this week.

Berkon told Ivanka and her children to “F*ck off!” and “You’re a bucket of t*rds.”

Mike Cernovich at Medium reported:


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