NV GOP Attorney General Adam Laxalt: My Wife and 4 Yr. Old Daughter Are Getting Death Threats (Video)

Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt told Neil Cavuto on Friday his wife and one and four-year-old daughters were getting death threats after the Las Vegas massacre by killer Stephen Paddock.

Neil Cavuto: It doesn’t appear a background check would have prevented him from getting any of the guns he did, right?

Adam Laxalt: You know Neil I’ve been down on the scene with the sheriff and the head of the FBI since one o’clock on Monday and we’re working around the clock to try to deal with one of the most horrific tragedies our state has ever faced. And to have the Question One advocates somehow try to push this on me when it’s crystal clear background checks were performed and would not have prevented this is absolutely appalling and led to a death threat on my wife and my four-year-old and one-year-old girls.

The anti-gun Question One advocates want to blame the Nevada Attorney General for an initiative that failed in the state due to the refusal of the FBI to participate in the expanded background checks.

So now his baby daughters are getting death threats!

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