SHOCKING! NV Assemblywoman Forcibly Removes Disabled Veteran from Public Meeting for Recording with Cell Phone (VIDEO)

This doesn’t look good.
Nevada Councilwoman Michele Fiore held a public meeting this week local residents.

Then she kicked a disabled veteran out for recording the meeting with his phone.

This is a STUNNING video:

Kimberly McGlade added this:

My husband is the man sitting toward the front that Councilwoman Michele Fiore demanded the Nevada Marshals forcibly remove him from the public meeting for holding his cell phone camera.

He was kicked out of a public meeting at the YMCA concerning our neighborhood for videotaping the event! He never said a word before he was called out by Councilwomen Michele Fiore, but his civil rights were totally violated! It is not illegal to videotape a public meeting, especially since he was not disruptive. I am sad to say I voted for her, but did not realize her tyrannical behavior.

Fiore came into the meeting with a huge attitude and said if we wanted to save the park buy it! Then she said, because people were rude to her staff at the last meeting, (which we did not attend) she brought ‘her’ marshalls to remove anyone who basically disagreed with her. Lastly, she was super condescending and said she would have us all to her house for “cannolis”. One of the Marshals said she has the right to kick anyone out but could not quote the law, statute or code being applied. She has the right to kick out someone at a public meeting, in a public place, videotaping a public meeting, public politician? No, she doesn’t. The courts have already ruled on this. It was a public meeting in a public place and anyone can attend and take pictures or record as long as they are not disrupting the meeting.

My husband was sitting quietly and had not said a word and not done anything disruptive at all, but I am sure she did not want anyone to have proof of her true colors and lack of concern for our neighborhood.

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