National Kneelers League Monday Night Football Ratings Hit Season Low

The NFL hit a new low on Monday night — in ratings.

Monday’s night game was down double-digits from last year’s game.

The NFL is hurting as the disrespect of the national anthem continues.

Things are so bad the league is considering a rule change requiring players to stand for the national anthem. reported:

With the Minnesota Vikings and the Chicago Bears tied near the end of last night’s Monday Night Football, it looked for sure that the game was going into overtime. Then, even with injured quarterback Sam Bradford put on the field last night, the Vikings took control and won the game 20-17.

That now finds Minnesota 3-2 in the fifth week of the 2017-2018 season. However, even with the much plugged world debut of the new Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer at halftime, for the NFL and ESPN it was not such a great result in what is clearly a season of ratings hurt and protest controversies surrounding the national anthem – even on a night when the latter was not shown on-air by the league.

Snaring a 7.0 in metered market results, last night’s MNF was down double digits from last week’s Kansas Chiefs’ 29-20 victory over the Washington Redskins. Down 17% in the ratings, that’s actually a regular game season low for the ESPN broadcast game.

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