MYSTERY: Freed Taliban Hostages Refuse To Board U.S. Plane

Something very fishy is going on. American citizen, 31-year-old Caitlan Coleman, along with her Canadian husband, Joshua Boyle, aged 33 and their three children have been released by “the Taliban-affiliated Haqqani Network in Afghanistan,” reports CNN. However, in a strange twist, the freed hostages refuse to board a plane ordered to take them to the U.S. or Canada. 
CNN reports:
But the official added there is no evidence that any of the Haqqani members currently imprisoned by the government of Afghanistan have been released in a prisoner exchange. The US is calling the Pakistani operation a “transfer of custody” because of the circumstances of how it unfolded the official said. CNN National Security Analyst Peter Bergen spoke Thursday to Boyle’s parents, Patrick and Linda Boyle, who have spoken to their son since his being freed from captivity. Patrick Boyle said that all of the recovered family members are OK. The parents also learned for the first time that they now have a granddaughter. The senior US official said Joshua Boyle refused to board a US military C-130 bound for the US because “he thinks he will face law enforcement and possible arrest,” though there is no indication at this time that he will face arrest.

Earlier today, President Trump praised Pakistan’s efforts to help get the hostages out of captivity.

“President Trump on American family released from captivity: “Positive moment for our country’s relationship with Pakistan.””

Muslim political commentator Tarek Fatah praised President Trump’s ‘bamboo diplomacy’ when it comes to Pakistan.


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