MILO Issues Blistering Critique of Rose McGowan as Hollywood Reels from Sexual Harassment Drama

Conservative firebrand Milo Yiannopoulos took to Facebook on Sunday to opine on Hollywood’s sad state of affairs, while blasting actress Rose McGowan for her years of silence as Harvey Weinstein allegedly harassed countless women.

MILO on Facebook wrote:

Harvey Weinstein is a scumbag and I hope he gets locked up. But I’m not applauding the self-serving actresses dancing on his grave, nor even the BRAVE HEROINES who finally broke rank. Rose McGowan remained quiet until it was more professionally advantageous to speak out than to stay silent. How many young girls were attacked while she kept her mouth shut on her way to becoming rich and famous? And I don’t believe the people who say they didn’t know — not for a second. As far as I’m concerned, the entire Hollywood ecosystem is rotten and dripping with spiritual putrefaction. Burn it.

McGowan’s statements on Hollywood’s sexual harassment problems went viral over the past week, as she called out Harvey Weinstein, Ben Affleck and Jeff Bezos.


Affleck’s former co-star Rose McGowan told Ben to “F*ck off!” and accused him of knowing about Weinstein’s abuse for years.

It’s not clear which press conference McGowan was referring to, but both she (left) and Affleck (center) appeared in the 1998 horror movie Phantoms (pictured), produced by Weinstein.(Daily Mail)

McGowan has been the leading female voice against Harvey Weinstein this week.

Now this…

Twitter reportedly suspended McGowan’s account on Wednesday.

Via The Hollywood Reporter:

The actress, who is at the center of the Harvey Weinstein sexual assault scandal, revealed the news on her Instagram and Facebook accounts.
Rose McGowan had her Twitter account suspended on Wednesday night.

The actress, who is at the center of the storm of sexual misconduct allegations against producer Harvey Weinstein, took to her Instagram and Facebook accounts to relay the news of her suspension, writing cryptically that: “TWITTER HAS SUSPENDED ME. THERE ARE POWERFUL FORCES AT WORK. BE MY VOICE. #ROSEARMY.”

She added a screenshot from a message from Twitter telling her that she had violated their terms of service and she would be locked out for 12 hours.

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