Media Matters Attempts (Another) Takedown Of Lucian Wintrich & Ali Akbar For Debating Alt-Right Personality

This past week, Gateway Pundit’s Lucian Wintrich and Black Conservative Fund’s Ali Akbar sat down with “Millennial Matt”, an internet personality associated with the “Alt-Right”. During the roughly hour and a half Periscope, they discussed the differences between movements; for example, while everyone concerned did agree that there is a cultural war going on against white American males, Wintrich and Akbar states that the problem can be solved with the conservative tenant of limited government and the free market system while Matt believed that the expansion of the Fed would be a solution (it wouldn’t, and never will be a solution to any problem).

“Millennial Matt” did briefly attempt to “troll” Akbar and Wintrich by holding up a Nazi (National Socialist) flag halfway into the interview, but both Wintrich and Akbar dismissed the act as an obnoxiously childish attempt to get an emotional rise out of them. It fell flat when the phone lines were opened up; multiple conservative callers berated Matt’s attempt to “troll” and the use of Nazi imagery in what was an otherwise solid debate. That still didn’t stop Soros’ brainchild Media Matters from going full on in:

The “honest exchange of ideas” included Millennial Matt waving a swastika flag in front of the camera, saying “Adolf Hitler, he was a great man,” and referring to white nationalist Richard Spencer as “a good guy.” Wintrich passionately defended Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee as “one of the most brilliant generals that has come out of the United States” and bemoaned that his “legacy” was being destroyed. Both Wintrich and Akbar sat through the conversation and laughed at Millennial Matt’s jokes — including his sporting of a T-shirt that read “Fags R gay” — only politely objecting, “We don’t fully share views,” but with Wintrich eventually seeking common ground in the argument that “there are huge cultural problems where white people in this country are being demonized.”

As this particular Media Matters writer was unable to find anything truly questionable or racist spoken by Wintrich, she went in on his statements about General Robert E. Lee. Had this writer paid attention in history class, she would know that Lee is in fact not racist, and is “one of the most brilliant generals that has come out of the United States.”

As penned on WND:

Tutored and homeschooled as a child, Robert E. Lee excelled at West Point, graduating second in his class in 1829. From 1837-1840, working in the Corps of Engineers, Robert E. Lee improved the channel of the Mississippi River. From 1846-1848, Lee distinguished himself in the Mexican-American War. He engineered the American troops’ passage from San Antonia across the difficult Mexican mountains so they could quickly take Mexico City. Lee was against slavery and a number of years before the war he freed his own slaves.

On Dec. 27, 1856, Robert E. Lee wrote to his wife: “Slavery as an institution is a moral and political evil in any country … I think, however, a greater evil to the white than to the black race. … The doctrines and miracles of our Saviour have required nearly two thousand years to convert but a small part of the human race, and even among the Christian nations what gross errors still exist!”

Lee was so highly respected, that as tensions were leading up to war, President Abraham Lincoln offered him the field command of the U.S. Army. Lee struggled all night with his decision, finally resolving to the obligation of loyalty to his home state of Virginia.

Lee resigned from the U.S. Army, explaining in a letter to his sister: “With all my devotion to the union and the feelings of loyalty and duty of an American citizen, I have not been able to make up my mind to raise my hand against my relatives, my children, my home.”

General Robert E. Lee’s military expertise was so formidable that, for the first two years of the Civil War, it looked as if the South had won. Union forces were pushed back by repeated victories of General Stonewall Jackson till Lee’s troops were dangerously close to attacking Washington, D.C.

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