Media Corruption: #FakeNews Outlets Spent Total of 10 Seconds on Historic 23K Dow Record

Trust in mass media hit an all-time low in August according to Gallup News.

Only 32% of Americans today trust the far left Trump-bashing mainstream media.
They lie.

In the latest example of media bias the stock market hit a new record on Wednesday and ended the day above the 23,000 mark.

President Trump is Enjoying the Greatest Stock Market Rally Ever – And It Keeps Getting Better! The DOW Is Now Up More Than 4,500 Since Election and 25% !

And yet on Wednesday night ABC, NBC, CBS spent a grand total of 10 seconds on the new Dow high.


Trish Regan and Liz Peek reported this on Thursday.

Trump tweeted this out on Wednesday.
It’s the only way he can get his message out.

And some Republicans want him to get off Twitter?

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