Dems Called Don Jr.’s Meeting With Russian Lawyer “Treason” But Say Hillary Funding Russia Dossier ‘Standard Oppo Research’

Donald Trump Jr. took quite a beating from the fake news media after it was revealed he met with Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya in June of 2016.

The media hysterics called for Don Jr.’s head on a pike. Many in the media accused him of treason and said he would end up in jail.

After Wapo dropped a bombshell revealing it was indeed Hillary’s camp that paid for the Russian dossier, the media is in spin mode doing their best to downplay yet ANOTHER Clinton scandal. Media sycophants are brushing off this story and calling it ‘standard oppo research’.


As the Gateway Pundit previously reported, Hillary’s former VP running mate Tim Kaine said the meeting could constitute treason. Senator Blumenthal also accused Don Jr. of treason.

Yes, this is the same Tim Kaine who spoke at a dinner honoring a Muslim Brotherhood terror suspect.

“To meet with an adversary to try to get information to hijack democracy, the investigation is now more than just an obstruction of justice investigation, more than just a perjury investigation, it’s a treason investigation,” Kaine said.

Here are some of the other hysterics in the media accusing Don Jr. of treason as reported by Grabien News:

CNN’s Bakari Sellers said Democrats ought to make a bigger deal over Trump Jr.’s meeting, as “what he did was a threat to our democracy and borderline treason.”

Attorney and former White House ethics czar, Richard Painter, became a fixture on the TV circuit, where he said the meeting could constitute treason.

“The facts reported in The New York Times article come very close if not is crossing the line with respect to treason if those facts are true,” Painter said on MSNBC.

The former Watergate prosecutor, Nick Ackerman, likewise became a cable TV fixture, where he at one point said Trump Jr.’s meeting was “outright treason.”

Stephen Colbert summed up the hopes of many when he concluded that Trump Jr. was “going to jail.”

On MNSBC, Megan Murphy of Bloomberg said not to worry about who paid for the dossier because it’s standard oppo research and we should instead be focusing on Trump’s connections to Russia (with ZERO evidence).

CNN contributor Adam Entous called the dossier “standard practice.” after CNN’s John Berman said the intelligence community corroborated a lot of the information that has been in there to begin with.”

None of these liberals can actually say what parts of this garbage dossier have actually been confirmed to be true.

So the Trump’s doing oppo research where nothing was actually exchanged is “treason”, but Hillary paying for a Russian dossier full of lies which potentially led to a FISA warrant and wiretapping of her opponent’s camp is ‘standard practice’. Got it.

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