LOL. Juanita Broaddrick Trolls Hillary Clinton Over Her Broken Toe Story

Juanita Broaddrick is one of Bill Clinton’s many rape accusers. She was also viciously bullied into silence by Hillary Clinton which is why she is so active on social media when a story about the Clintons is making the rounds.

As previously reported, Hillary Clinton canceled her interview with the BBC today.

She said, “I was running down the stairs in heels with a cup of coffee in hand, I was talking over my shoulder and my heel caught and I fell backwards. I tried to get up and it really hurt. I’ve broken my toe. I’ve received excellent care from your excellent health service.”


Sounds legit. Doesn’t every 69-year-old woman run down the stairs wearing heels whilst holding a cup of hot coffee?

Hillary Clinton is known for her many tall tales so Trump supporters immediately mocked her over the broken toe story.

Dolly Kyle was one of Bill Clinton’s many ‘women on the side’. She tweeted out, “Hillary forgot to mention she was dodging sniper fire while running downstairs in heels carrying a cup of coffee when she fell.”

Of course Dolly Kyle was referencing one of the countless lies Hillary told during her decades of public service. She claimed she landed under sniper fire in 1996 in Bosnia prompting her to run for cover after deplaning. Unfortunately for Hillary, video proved there was no sniper fire; she was happily waving and smiling during a greeting ceremony with Chelsea Clinton.

Juanita Broaddrick reposted Dolly’s tweet, responding, “Good one Dolly”.

Hillary tells so many lies that nobody believes a word she says. She was relentlessly mocked on social media Monday as Trump supporters used the hashtag #HillarysToe to troll her.

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