League of the South Leader Michael Hill Now Openly Inciting Violence at Armed “White Lives Matter” Rallies This Saturday in Tennessee

[Michael Hill speaks to his followers]

October 26, 2017

Michael Hill, leader of the southern secessionist group “The League of the South” is now openly telling his followers to “Engage in violence” and to “Stand your ground” at the armed “White Lives Matter” events this Saturday.



Why he would use the specific phrases “Engage in violence” and “Stand your ground” is very suspicious, especially after Charlottesville.

Michael Hill is most noted for having his followers storm a gay pride rally in Montgomery, Alabama while shouting “God Hates Fags!”, in support of the Westboro Baptist Church.

Hill has also lost a huge amount of followers after he refused to fire League of the South leader Jeremy Walls, after Walls was charged with four counts of serial child molestation.

We have also learned that Hunter Wallace has also asked the Ku Klux Klan group “Texas Rebel Knights” to vent their anger at the rallies. The Klan group is a large part of Wallace’s “Nationalist Front”.

The Texas Rebel Knights are well known for showing up with a dozen armed members to a peaceful protest at the Islamic Center of Irving, Texas in November of 2015. The group lost a lot of support after members discovered that it’s leader Lonnie “Rowdy” Coats was a convicted rapist.

Here is a sample of what the peaceful residents of Tennessee have in store for them on Saturday. This video is from a Texas Rebel Knights rally last year:

Good luck, Tennessee. You never asked for this.

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