Las Vegas Gunman Stephen Paddock May Have Suffered From ‘Hidden Diseases’

There are claims that Mr. Paddock never drank in Las Vegas while gambling, but may have done so in Mesquite and Reno and had bizarre sexual rape fantasies. Paddock was cheap, but gambled millions of dollars daily. Ad yet, still, we know little about his motive.

LA Late reported:

LALATE can exclusively report that interviews this week reveal persons who served Paddock from 2014 to 2016 recall Paddock drinking alcohol. Moreover, interviews collectively reveal that Paddock was drinking – when not in Vegas – over the last few years, and up until two months ago. But Steve Wynn this morning told FOX that his staff in Las Vegas did not recall Paddock ever drinking alcohol in six years before the shooting.

LALATE can exclusively report that there is a key conflict of interviews being released up until today. Matt Orchowski was a VIP representative at the Atlantis from 2014 to 2016. As USA Today reports, the rep was responsible for catering to the needs of high rollers, including checking them in and serving them drinks. A few of those interactions were with Paddock, the memories of which came back to Orchowski after he saw the man’s face plastered all over the news.”

Will the real truth please stand up?

Recently, we learned Paddock had some very bizarre habits. He’d gamble up to one million dollars in a night, but carried his own drink around so he didn’t have to tip.

CNN reports:

He was a nocturnal creature who gambled all night and slept all day. He took Valium at times for anxiousness, and had the doctor who prescribed it to him on retainer. He wagered up to a million dollars a night, but wandered around glitzy Las Vegas casinos in sweatpants and flip-flops, and carried his own drink into the high rollers’ area because he didn’t want to tip the waitresses too much. The details are contained in a 97-page court deposition obtained exclusively by CNN. Paddock was deposed October 29, 2013 as part of a civil lawsuit against the Cosmopolitan Hotel, where he slipped and fell on a walkway in 2011. What otherwise would have been a mundane proceeding offers fresh details about Paddock’s life and habits — for the first time — from the killer’s own mouth.

By now, it’s clear Stephen Paddock was a twisted and disturbed individual — although, that doesn’t completely explain his motive behind carrying out the most deadly shooting in U.S. modern history. Researchers are now in possession of Paddock’s brain and will probe it for hidden diseases.

New York Post reports:

Investigators are continuing to probe the brain of Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock as they search for clues to explain why he opened fire on a crowd of concertgoers two weeks ago.

Paddock’s body has been transported to Stanford University, where neuropathologists will turn their microscopes on the mass murderer’s gray matter.

Microscopic tissue examination can reveal otherwise hidden conditions such as dementia and chronic traumatic encephalopathy or CTE.

Paddock’s brain has so far shown no obvious sign of tumor, injury or abnormality during a more routine autopsy conducted last week by Vegas coroners, according to officials — who have yet to release toxicology results or an official cause and manner of death.


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