Killer Stephen Paddock Complained to Front Desk About Noisy Guests — Then He Shot Up a Concert (Video)

Crazed killer Stephen Paddock murdered 58 people at a country music festival last Sunday night.

But a couple of hours earlier he called the front desk to complain about his noisy neighbors.

FOX 2 Now reported:

A San Diego taco shop owner and his wife were staying in a hotel room right below the Las Vegas suite where gunman Stephen Paddock fired shots at a country music festival Sunday night, according to KSWB.

It was only after the deadly shooting that Albert Garzon and his wife Jessica discovered they had not only been staying in the Mandalay Bay hotel room directly below the shooter but that they’d annoyed him just hours before the concert.

“Just got back to our room and look at that, that’s the room that he was shooting out of, that’s the curtain that’s coming out of the guy’s room. He was right above us, shooting down on the concert,” said Albert, showing cell phone video he recorded after guests were allowed to return to the hotel.

He says it was then that he realized it was the shooter who had complained to hotel security about noise coming from his room just hours before the concert.

“We’re all playing the music and then security came up to our room and said, ‘hey, you have a guest right above you that’s complaining that you’re being too loud.’ And out of respect, I didn’t think twice about it. I just said, ‘yeah no problem, we’ll turn the music down.’ And then probably another half an hour later, another group of security guys came up and said, ‘hey bud, this is your second time, you have a guest above you who’s complaining again, so we got to ask you to turn it down. The third time we come, then your guests are going to have to leave. Obviously, you and your wife can stay.’ None of us would have ever thought that there was that guy directly right above us,” said Albert.

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