Khizr Khan Uses Deceased Child To Fundraise For Dems: “My Son Died For This Country,” “Will You Chip In $1 Before Midnight?”

In what has to be one of the most tasteless fundraising emails to date, Gold Star father Khizr Khan is asking donors to give to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), writing “my son died for this country,” “will you chip in $1 before midnight?” 

Khan has chided President Trump for “politicizing,” the death of Sgt. La David Johnson, yet is asking for a measly $1 on behalf of Democrats while evoking his deceased military son.

Dave Levinthal‏, a senior political reporter for Publici, tweeted a copy of the letter on Monday evening.


The emails reads from Khizr Khan via the DCCC:

“I love this country. My son died for this country. And like you, I watched Donald Trump’s latest attack on Gold Star families in horror. While Donald Trump’s word are devastating, they’re not surprising. Donald Trump can’t comprehend the sacrifice from our service members and families like mine. Dee, I know the only way to stop Trump is to win a Democratic House. I’d walk barefoot to every district in the country if it means Democrats win. But I can’t do it alone. I need you fighting with me. Will you chip in $1 before midnight?”

Khizr Khan was on CBS News’ ‘Face The Nation’ this weekend, speaking out against President Trump and Gen. John Kelly’s reaction to Rep. Frederica Wilson condolence call statements.

Daily Mail UK reports:

Khizr Khan slammed White House Chief of Staff John Kelly on Sunday, lamenting that the death of a Florida soldier had become a ‘political football.’

Khan, who is promoting a book, is the Gold Star father who set President Trump on a collision course with families of fallen servicemen and women when he attacked him from the stage of last year’s Democratic National Convention.

He specifically went after Kelly in an interview with ‘Face the Nation’ on CBS, saying the retired four-star Marine Corps general had ‘made the situation even worse’ after Democratic congresswoman Frederica Wilson accused Trump of botching a condolence call that she heard on speakerphone.

It’s important to remember Khizr Khan believes Sharia Law trumps the U.S. Constitution and he’s written about it several times.

Khan has defended Sharia Law in 10 different countries. reported:

Khizr M. Khan has published papers supporting the supremacy of Islamic law over “man-made” Western law — including the very Constitution he championed in his Democratic National Convention speech attacking GOP presidential nod Donald Trump.

In 1983, for example, Khan wrote a glowing review of a book compiled from a seminar held in Kuwait called “Human Rights In Islam” in which he singles out for praise the keynote address of fellow Pakistani Allah K. Brohi, a pro-jihad Islamic jurist who was one of the closest advisers to late Pakistani dictator Gen. Zia ul-Haq, the father of the Taliban movement.

Read the rest here.

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