James O’Keefe Confronts NYT Editor About ‘Employment of Unethical Staffers’ (VIDEO)

On Wednesday morning, Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe confronted New York Times Deputy Managing Editor Clifford Levy in Brooklyn to get comment on the status of Nicholas Dudich’s employment at the paper.

Levy appeared deeply perturbed by O’Keefe, refusing to answer any questions on the matter. The Times executive attempted to evade O’Keefe by slipping into a coffee shop.

“O’Keefe also asked Levy if he had seen the comments that Senior Editor Desiree Shoe made on hidden camera, which corroborated some of Dudich’s claims. Shoe was caught admitting that NYT journalists wrote articles to expose how “crazy” Trump is in hopes to influence voters,” reports Project Veritas.


Below is O’Keefe’s statement on confronting Levy posted to Facebook.

“Today I confronted NYT Deputy Managing Editor Clifford Levy to ask for his reactions to our American Pravda NYT investigation.

Our investigation has exposed Audience Strategy Editor Nick Dudich admitting the overt bias at The Times. He also admits that he uses his position at the Times and his connections in Silicon Valley to push his personal agendas. The Times responded saying he was a “junior” editor.

Next, we uncovered Desiree Shoe, a Senior Editor for The Times who curates their home page. She admits a blatant anti-Trump bias, and explains that New York Times journalists wrote about how “crazy” Trump was during the election in hopes of swaying voters against him. Executive Editor Dean Baquet later called me a “sinner” for this investigation.

During my confrontation, I asked Levy several simple questions: What is the employment status of Dudich? What do you have to say about Shoe’s comments? Do you agree with Baquet calling me a “sinner?”

Levy declined to answer any of the questions.

See more: https://breaking.projectveritas.com/NYTimesSilence.html

On Tuesday, James O’Keefe released part 3 of Project Veritas’ undercover New York Times operation. The sting targets Senior Homepage Editor Des Shoe, who admits employees at the Times have great difficulty reporting objectively on the Trump administration. On the same day as releasing part 3, O’Keefe announced the subject of part 1, New York Times video gatekeeper Nicholas Dudich, has reportedly been terminated from the paper.

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