Imran Awan’s Own Wife TURNS AGAINST HIM – Accuses Him of Fraud

It looks like there is trouble in paradise.

The husband-and-wife-team-turned-IT-experts for the Democrats, Imran Awan and Hina Alvi wouldn’t even look at each other as they sat across the table from one another in federal court on Friday in Washington D.C.

Both Awan and Alvi are subjects of a Capitol Police investigation and have been charged with bank fraud.

As previously reported, Debbie Wasserman Schultz employed Pakistani IT staffers and brothers who were paid over $4 million dollars over the course of their employment even though they were accused of a cyber-security breach.


Imran Awan was arrested as he attempted to flee the U.S. after wiring approximately $300,000 to Pakistan. Fox News is the only cable network covering this huge scandal.  When Imran Awan was arrested he was carrying $12,000 in cash on him. His wife was carrying $12,000 of cash when she fled the country too.

Imran and his Muslim brothers, Abid and Jamal accessed unauthorized computers while acting as IT specialists. The three brothers were making $161,000, $165,000, and $160,000 and one of the brothers has a criminal background. Imran’s wife, Hina Alvi, who was employed as a staffer since February 2007, was paid 168,300 in 2016. Rao Abbas was paid $85,049 in 2016.

Word has it that Debbie Wasserman Schultz is an absolute wreck since Imran Awan was arrested. Calls for her to testify to Congress are increasingly growing as well.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz, threatened the chief of the U.S. Capitol Police with ‘consequences’ for holding equipment that she says belonged to her in order to build a criminal case against a Pakistani IT staffer suspected of massive cybersecurity breaches.

Top Democrat Xavier Becerra, the current California Attorney General, was caught giving officials a fake server related to the Imran Awan investigation.

A House official told Circa News that Imran Awan may have sold the info he uploaded to Dropbox. Everyone is talking about Russia but Awan could have been the one to have sold the DNC emails. The DNC refuses to hand over their servers to be investigated. If they really were the victim of a ‘hack’ like they claim, they wouldn’t be protecting their servers from authorities.

There is virtually a media blackout on one of the biggest scandals to rock D.C. in modern times. Where the hell is the media??

Now this… 
Imran Awan’s wife has turned against him. Previous reports reveal she complained that her husband treated her like a slave and abused her. Although the two are co-defendants in a U.S. case, Hina Alvi filed court papers in a Pakistani court on September 13 accusing her own husband of fraud. (Records were obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation).

Luke Rosiak of the Daily Caller reported:

Imran Awan’s own wife, Hina Alvi, has become the latest person to accuse him of fraud, filing papers against him in Pakistani court on Sept. 13, records obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation show. Alvi said Awan “threatened the complainant of dire consequences, he also threatened to harm the lives of family of the complainant if she intervenes.”

“My husband Imran Awan son of Muhammad Ashraf Awan, committed fraud along with offence of polygamy,” she charges in the papers.

Hina’s U.S. lawyer, Nikki Lotze, told TheDCNF “I don’t see how that’s newsworthy.”

Read the full report here.

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