HUGE! Crooked Cop Comey and FBI Used Fake Dossier to Intimidate and Spy on Trump (Video)

Crooked Cop James Comey and the FBI pushed salacious information from the fake Trump dossier to intimidate and spy on Donald Trump and Trump Tower.

Ed Rollins joined Maria Bartiromo on Sunday to discuss the fake Trump dossier.

Rollins says Comey used the faulty, outrageous and inaccurate document to spy on Trump.

Ed Rollins: When Comey who was FBI director had his meeting with the president and basically presented this document with 17 memos that were all put together. Normally opposition research is press clippings, bank loans, that kind of stuff. It’s not salacious information. In this document there was salacious information that was unfounded and unproven. When he walked in and said, “Mr. President I think you should know this.” It was pretty outrageous because I’d assume if I was the president I’d say, “Is this your document? Whose document is this?” in the first meeting. Equally important it turned out he gave that same presentation to President Obama. President Obama’s team was very active in looking at everything. All of this stuff gets started by these documents that were not basically tested out. And certainly the FBI will get a black eye if they didn’t do their due diligence.

Maria Bartiromo: That’s the question I asked before. Did any reasoning to actually wiretap Trump Tower actually come from the dossier? Because if so it’s based on fabrication.

Ed Rollins: Wedon’t know what started all of this. We don’t know what went to FISA which is the court that actually gave them the information to move forward on all of this. We don’t know what the catalyst was for all of this. My assumption is this docuemtn had a big role in all of that.

Via Sunday Morning Futures:

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