Hillary-Supporting San Juan Mayor Accuses Trump of “Genocide” After ’16 People’ Die in Historic Hurricane

Last Tuesday President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump visited Puerto Rico to observe the hurricane damage and relief efforts.

The far left San Juan Mayor was in the room scowling at the US president.

The mayor looked annoyed and did not look at him.

During the president’s meeting with top Puerto Rico officials President Trump and Governor Ricardo Rosselló discussed the hurricane deaths on the island.

The governor told President Trump that 16 people have died in the level 5 Hurricane Maria.

President Trump and Governor Rossello made the remarks in front of liberal San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz.

Mayor Cruz has repeatedly accused President Trump of “genocide” in Puerto Rico.
The dishonest mayor slammed Trump and wore a “Help Us We Are Dying” T-shirt as she made the rounds on the liberal media.

But there was no genocide. And the only wrongdoing was by the San Juan Mayor who refused to attend FEMA meetings and instead went on TV to bash President Trump.

After three weeks the death count is up to 45 people.
The number may include natural deaths. The reporting is not clear.

The hurricane was a tragedy but clearly not a genocide.
The liberal media ought to report on Mayor Cruz’s inaction rather than her complaints against President Trump.

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