Hillary Laughs About Manafort Indictment – Will She be Laughing When Her Chum Tony Podesta is Indicted? (VIDEO)

Hillary Clinton let out a loud cackle Monday in Chicago after she was asked about Mueller issuing an indictment to Paul Manafort.

Hillary was signing copies of her memoir ‘What Happened’ laughing about Manafort’s indictment and referring people to her book to know what happened with Russia. Will she be laughing when her good friend Tony Podesta is charged?

Hillary shamelessly promoted her book and cackled as people asked her about Paul Manafort’s indictment. “You can find out what happened and what is still happening,” Hillary said.

Hillary held up one of her books and said, “I have a great chapter about Russia in here.”

VIDEO via ABC News:

Tony Podesta is in the hot seat.

As The Gateway Pundit previously reported, Tony Podesta, the founder of D.C. lobbying firm the Podesta Group stepped down from the company amid Robert Mueller’s probe.

Podesta made the announcement at a company-wide meeting on Monday.

According to NBC News sources, the Podesta Group is one of the two companies directly linked to Paul Manafort’s indictment in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s ‘Russian interference’ investigation.

The indictment, unsealed Monday, refers to “Company A” and “Company B” as the firms Manafort and Gates solicited in 2012 to lobby on behalf of the Ukranian government. Company A is Mercury Public Affairs and Company B is the Podesta Group, the sources said.

Tony Podesta was so triggered over the Podesta Group being exposed that he threatened Tucker Carlson with a cease and desist letter.

The Hillary-Podesta connection…

The Podesta Group received at least $200,000 for lobbying for Uranium One.

$40,000 of which was received while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State.

It looks like Mueller is about to drop the hammer on Tony Podesta next. Will you be laughing then, Hillary?


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