Hillary Desperately Tries to Distract From Media Firestorm Over FBI Informant, Russia Dossier – Fails Miserably

Media was set ablaze this week following WaPo’s bombshell revelation that Hillary’s camp and the DNC funded the garbage Russia Dossier.

Hillary got hit AGAIN with another bombshell on Wednesday night when the DOJ announced they are lifting the gag order on the Uranium One FBI informant.

Hillary Clinton and her inner circle of rats are all denying they knew the DNC and her campaign paid for the Russian dossier.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz who is tangled up in the Imran Awan Pakistani IT staffer scandal denied having any knowledge of the DNC’s involvement in the funding of the Russian dossier.

DNC’s deputy chairman Keith Ellison also threw Wasserman Schultz under the bus by distancing himself from the old DNC leadership:

“Tom (Perez) and me, we weren’t even there at the time,” Ellison told The Hill. “I know as much about it as you guys who have reported it.”

Hillary is desperate to deflect as the house of cards comes down. She is flanked by her scandals.

Hillary Clinton decided to tweet about children losing their healthcare in order to distract from the Twitter and media firestorm battering her.

She said, “Children are going to lose their health care. No one should want that. Call your member of Congress and tell them to act: 202-224-3121”

She failed miserably. Trump supporters savaged her…

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