Hillary Clinton Says She’ll Go as the President For Halloween – Donald Trump Jr. Sets Her Straight and It’s Glorious

As the Gateway Pundit reported, failed presidential nominee Hillary Clinton said Monday night she’ll go as the President for Halloween. 

Donald Trump Jr. pummeled Hillary Clinton from his Twitter account, offering Hillary his Donald Trump Halloween mask. OUCH!

Don Jr. tweeted, ‘That’s cute. She can borrow my Donald Trump mask.” He also linked to his Instagram account showing a picture of himself wearing a Donald Trump Halloween mask.


Donald Trump Jr. posted a picture of himself to Instagram wearing a Donald Trump Halloween mask. Here is your Halloween costume, Hillary! Hah!

“That’s cute. She can borrow my mask.”

Watch Hillary cackle as she says she’ll go as the president for Halloween. Video clip by NBC News. Clinton interviewed by Cheryl Strayed:

The Gateway Pundit’s Kristinn Taylor pointed out, when Clinton hems and haws on her answer, Strayed gives her an out by asking about her grandchildren, Charlotte and Aidan. Most grandparents leap at the chance to gush about their grandchildren. Not Hillary, she ignores the chance to talk about her grandchildren and makes her comment about dressing up as the President for Halloween. Very telling.

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