Hillary Clinton Continues to Trash President Trump Overseas, Says His Inaugural Speech: “Some Weird Sh*t” (VIDEO)

Hillary Clinton continued her global book tour and Trump-bash with a stop by the Greg Norton Show on the BBC.

The Greg Norton Show is billed as a comedy chat show so it was just the place for the former Secretary of State and sore loser.

During her interview Hillary Clinton discussed President Trump’s populist inaugural speech.

Crooked Hillary told the far left BBC host that President Trump’s speech was some “weird sh*t.”
Via American Mirror:

She then acknowledged that George W. Bush, and Jimmy Carter both said they were going.

“So Bill and I looked at each other and said, ‘Well, we gotta go,” Hillary said.

She said she was “so sad” Trump’s speech wasn’t an “outreach.”

“It was reported George W. Bush, as it ends, said, ‘That was some weird shit,’” she said, triggering more laughs.

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