High School Marching Band Walks Off Field Before Playing Anthem – School Praises Them

Ames, Iowa – Thirteen members of the Ames High School marching band walked off the field before playing the National Anthem Friday night.

The school then praised the disrespectful students. Let that sink in.

Prior to the game on Friday, student leaders read a statement to their classmates over the intercom explaining their decision to “change from a patriotic USA to pink-out theme”:

“The decision to change from a patriotic USA to pink-out theme for the student section was the decision of the Ames High student body alone. The only involvement by Ames High staff was to give the student body an opportunity to come together this morning and talk about how every student organization at Ames High has a voice.”

“Is this political? Maybe. But we are proud of how our students showed great leadership today by coming together.”


Great leadership? How? By disrespecting the flag and Veterans who gave up their lives fighting for freedom?

This political stunt sums up the Communist left perfectly. Change a patriotic USA to pinkos.

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