High School Football Kneel During National Anthem – Then Are Kicked Off Field By Coach (Video)

Two black football players at Victory and Praise Christian Academy high school protested during the national anthem at the football game on Friday.

One student took a knee and the other lifted the black power fist.

After the anthem the coach told them to strip down and turn in their uniforms.
The former players feel this is unfair.

The coach says he has nothing against the star players and that he loves them.

CNN reported:

Two Texas teenagers were kicked off their local football team for protesting during the national anthem prior to a Friday night game.

Both players, who are cousins, chose to protest in different ways. Larry McCullough, 18, chose to kneel while his younger cousin, 16-year-old Cedric “CJ” Ingram Lewis, raised his fist in salute, according to CNN affiliate KPRC.

The coach immediately made the duo take off their uniforms and leave the field, the boys said.

“He said, ‘Take off your uniform, right now,’ and he had me and CJ strip down in our uniform — pads, the pants and all, in front of everyone,” McCullough told CNN affiliate KTRK. He and his cousin said they were humiliated.

“He’s a pastor,” said Rhonda Brady, Lewis’ mother. “The way he handled it is almost a slap in the face.”

One of the players mother said the coach’s tactics were slave master mentality.

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