Hah! NFL Backlash So Bad “Empty Seat” Wins Giveaway Prize at Browns Game

The NFL is experiencing an unprecedented backlash as players kneel during the National Anthem. The boycott is so bad that the Cleveland Browns, which gives away prizes to fans during games, selected an empty seat for a giveaway.

“Browns just randomly selected an empty seat to win a prize,” tweeted Nick Virzi, who attended Sunday’s game between the Cleveland Browns and Tennessee Titans.

It is not known what the prize was, but whatever it was, it’s quite sad the team has resorted to keeping fans happy at FirstEnergy stadium with giveaways. What’s even more sad is that the seat was empty. Several NFL stadiums are nearly empty post kick-off as the National Anthem controversy rolls into week 7. The Cleveland Browns are playing at home against the Tennessee Titans. Plenty of seats went unfilled.


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