Frederica Wilson Represents One of Nation’s Poorest and Least Educated Districts – Maybe She Should Focus on Home Instead of Trump?

Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-FL) made headlines this week in the liberal media after she attacked President Trump for his phone call to a grieving widow that she listened in on and then for attacking four star General John Kelly.

Wilson accused President Trump for being heartless during his phone call to the Florida widow, something the president and his staff vehemently denied.

Wilson may be deflecting attention from her own failed record.

Florida District 24 is ranked 425th out of 434 districts in America on the “state of American well-being” survey.

And Frederica’s district is ranked as the 408th poorest district in America — out of 435 districts.

The employment rate in Florida district 24 is at 54% — well below the national average.

226 people in the district — almost one-third of all residents — are on food stamps.

And about one in four adults do not have a high school education.

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