Former Navy Ops Professional: The Numbers Don’t Add Up – Likely Accomplice in Vegas Shooting

Las Vegas Sheriff Announced on Wednesday: Stephen Paddock Was LIVING A SECRET LIFE

Las Vegas Sheriff Lombardo gave a press conference at 5 PM Pacific time on Wednesday.

Sheriff Lombardo: Investigators have spent the last 72 hours combing through the life of 64 year-old Stephen Paddock. To produce a profile of someone I would call disturbed and dangerous. Stephen Paddock was a man who spent decades acquiring weapons and ammo and living a secret life much of which will never be fully understood. He meticulously planned on the worst domestic attack in United States history.

The sheriff said investigators are still looking for accomplices.

Sheriff Lombardo: Because right now we are trying to prove his intent, understand his intent and his history associated with this and to see if there were any accomplices.”

During the presser Sheriff Lombardo discussed the timeline and magnitude of Paddock’s assault on the country music festival.

The Conservative Treehouse posted these important points from Wednesday night’s presser.

*over 200 strafing rounds were fired through the door at the responding Mandalay Bay security guard, Jose Campos.
*several of the weapons Paddock was using jammed during the shooting.
*gunman had an apparent escape strategy (unidentified).
*non of the cameras discovered (4) were recording.
*suspect vehicle held ten 1lb containers of tannerite explosive. Two 20lb containers of tannerite and an additional 1,600 rounds of ammunition.
*no idea why Paddock did not utilize explosives. Why bring them?
*police still seeking tips on Stephen Paddock activity for months, weeks, days up to the event.
*motive still unknown. Local LEO does not know results from FBI interview with Ms. Danley.
*the possibility of an accomplice is strong.
*there was a great deal of premeditation involved in carrying out this attack.
*possibility of Paddock having done pre-surveillance of alternate attack venue.
*thousands of rounds of ammunition present in room.
*no suicide note was found in the room.
*assumption is Paddock stopped shooting because security guard knock spooked him.
*Paddock was gambling at some points prior to the shooting. Did not appear to have companion for gambling.
*Paddock purchased 33 weapons in October 2016. Police are interested in what took place in/around October 2016 to elicit his bulk purchase of firearms.
*police see evidence he planned to survive and escape. Would not elaborate.
*residence in Reno large ammo and firearms. Residence in Mesquite large ammo and firearms. All indications point toward having some form of assistance.

Former Navy Special Ops professional Mike sent this in.
Mike says the numbers just don’t add up.

With this presser, I am finally getting a straight answer as to how long this guy was shooting.

Shooting time: 10 minutes
Casualties: 600 +
Casualty Rate: 60/minute

This means he had to be hitting one person every second for the entire 10 minutes. With changing mags on a AR platform, in semiauto, 30 round mags, a trained operator might get, might, 240 rounds off per minute. In reality, closer to about 160 to 180 per minute. And of note, you do this to a civilian version of an AR, it will fail. Metal fatigue.

So there should be at least 600 expended rounds that were accurately placed. Add in all of the spray on the stage and surrounding structures, and the round count goes way up. That is going to be one hell of a pile of brass. And a fire hazard on any cloth. (That is one of the reasons you want to be on the left side of the range, and turn your collar up. Hot brass down your shirt burns like hell. It is also funny when it isn’t you.)

The numbers on this tragedy do not add up.

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