Former GOP Rep. Doubles Down On Stunning Claim: Loretta Lynch ‘Took Me Down’ to Become AG (VIDEO)

Former GOP Rep. Michael Grimm (R-NY) believes Loretta Lynch prosecuted him in a deal to become Attorney General.

Breitbart News reports:

Matt Boyle hosted former Rep. Michael Grimm (R-NY) in-studio in Midtown Manhattan to discuss the circumstances of his fall from grace and his hopes for returning to office in 2018.

[…]“Two-and-a-half years they investigated every aspect of my life … under the auspices that it was about campaign finance,” Grimm said as he and Boyle discussed how both the Justice Department and the Federal Election Commission closed their investigations without bringing any charges.

Then, as Grimm related, “about 14 months before the indictment, I was told … that they made a deal with Loretta Lynch that if she could take me down on anything – didn’t matter what it was – if she could find anything, she would be put to the top of the short list for attorney general. Two months after my bogus sham indictment, she’s the attorney general of the United States. It’s not an accident; this is how Washington works when it’s corrupt. It’s the definition of corruption in politics.”

The pro-Trump former Congressman doubles down on his shock claim on Tuesday. “Grimm, who served time for employing three deliverymen and a dishwasher “off-the-books” told FOX-5 that his conviction was a “sham” and politically motivated,” according to the network.

Michael Grimm on Good Day NY

Glad to join Rosanna Scotto Fox 5 and Lori Stokes TV on Good Day New York early this morning to preview my run for Congress, the pushback against anti-Trump Republicans in Washington, and much more!

Posted by Michael Grimm on Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Fox Insider reports:

“Personally, it’s very difficult. I’ve worked my entire life to build my reputation,” he said, recalling his service in the Marine Corps and “deep undercover” for the FBI.


“Criminal charges? Why was I the first person in the entire history of New York City to be singled out?” he asked. He added that he was in the wrong, but that all other cases have been charged civilly.


Grimm said that just over a year before he was indicted, he was told that “a deal was made with Loretta Lynch that if she could take me down on anything… she would be put at the top of the list for attorney general.”

After Grimm was sentenced, Lynch, who was the district attorney for New York State’s eastern district, became the attorney general.

Grimm has sought the help of Breitbart News boss Steve Bannon to boost his bid against incumbent Rep. Dan Donovan (R-NY). While, no official endorsement his been made just it, it is highly likely the MAGA-type candidate will win the backing of the news baron and Populist political kingmaker.

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