Tom Fitton: ‘Deep State’ Doesn’t Want to Release Damaging Records on Clinton-Lynch Tarmac Meeting (VIDEO)

President of Judicial Watch Tom Fitton appeared on Fox News Monday afternoon to discuss the bombshell story about the FBI hiding documents on the tarmac meeting between Bill Clinton and former AG Loretta Lynch. 

As previously reported, Judicial Watch forced the FBI to admit it has 30 new documents related to the infamous Clinton-Lynch tarmac meeting. The watchdog’s president, Tom Fitton, tweeted the news on Friday.

Tom Fitton said on Monday, “there may be an innocent explanation as to why these records were missing, but I find that to be a highly unlikely possibility.”

“It’s my view that the deep state doesn’t want to release these records,” Fitton said. “You see it with the Clinton issues, you see it with the Obama issues, and you frankly see it with the Trump-Russia issues because I think they know releasing the records would hurt people they like, like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.”

Fitton says he should receive the new documents by November 30th and admitted that he doesn’t know what they will look like. The documents may be completely redacted.

If Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton were only talking about grandkids and golf then what are they hiding? Certainly it was just a coincidence that Bill Clinton met with the Attorney General a week before it was announced that Hillary was exonerated by the FBI.

VIDEO via Fox News:

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