Explosive Possessed by Vegas Shooter May Have Been Used by Afghan NYC Bomber

As previously reported, Las Vegas police officers said in a press conference Monday evening that authorities found several pounds of ammonium nitrate, a material used to make explosives in Paddock’s vehicle.

Authorities also say they found an undisclosed amount of Tannerite from Paddock’s home and 50 pounds in his vehicle that was parked at the Mandalay Bay.

Las Vegas Review-Journal reported:

Authorities say they recovered an undisclosed amount of the compound known as Tannerite from Paddock’s home in Mesquite and 50 pounds from his car parked at Mandalay Bay, where he used high-powered firearms to mow down concertgoers at the adjacent Route 91 Harvest festival on Sunday.

Police have not said why the 64-year-old Paddock possessed Tannerite, which is unregulated and legally used by marksmen to create targets that emit a small cloud of smoke when they are struck. Authorities also found ammonium nitrate, another ingredient that can be used to build bombs, in his vehicle at the site of the shooting.

Tannerite was reportedly used by Ahmed Rahami, the Afghan migrant who carried out the Chelsea, NY bombing in September of 2016 which left 31 people injured.


Does this definitively say that Paddock was involved with an Islamic terror cell? No, however; it is adding fuel to the fire as ISIS tripled down Thursday on their claim that the Vegas shooter converted to Islam six months ago and carried out a terrorist attack.

This whole investigation is suspect. Even Sheriff Clarke came out Thursday saying he is suspicious of this investigation due to lack of public engagement. The American people have the right to know what Paddock’s motive was to kill so many innocent people.

Was he working with a terrorist cell? Was he radicalized?

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