Epic! Sean Hannity Zings MSNBC, Megyn Kelly in Opening Monologue (VIDEO)

Fox News’ Sean Hannity ripped the fake news media for their blackout on the Hillary-Uranium One scandal and he even zinged Megyn Kelly.

Conservative powerhouse Sean Hannity ripped the fake news media Wednesday evening.

“The media has been wrong about the Trump-Russia collusion–completely wrong for over a year,” Hannity said.

“America’s national security was sold out,” he said, calling the deal one of the “biggest scandals in American history involving another country.”

“People will need to go to jail,” Hannity said.

Hannity went after left-wing crank Rachel Maddow for her round the clock fake news reporting on Trump-Russia while ignoring the Uranium One scandal. Maddow had Eric Holder on her show Monday night and she didn’t ask him one question about the Uranium One scandal. He was the Attorney General at the time and one of the members who voted on the sale of Uranium to Russia.

He then took a swipe at Megyn Kelly asking, “By the way are all of you people at NBC News proud? Lester Holt, Matt Lauer…Megyn Kelly? You proud of this?”



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